10 Questions And Answers On Buddhism

10 Questions And Answers On Buddhism

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According to the 2010 edition of Operation World, Buddhism is the world's 4th largest religion. a€c Did you know that Buddhism draws qlarge numbers of people who switch ... from Protestantism and Catholicismq? (Pew Forum survey, 2007) a€c Did you know that George Lucas, Jennifer Lopez, Tiger Woods, Tina Turner and others have said they believe in Buddhist principles? a€c Have you heard people describe themselves as a qBuddhist Christianq? (You might be surprised how much this is happening today.) Buddhism is on the rise, especially among young people. The kind face of the Dalai Lama appears to promise peace and reconciliation without qreligion.q That's the problem: Some people are now starting to call themselves Buddhist Christians and claim to qbelongq to both. This pamphlet investigates the beliefs of Buddhism that every Christian should know. The 10 Questions a Answers on Buddhism pamphlet takes a close look at Buddhist philosophy and how it compares with Christianity. Topics in the pamphlet include: a€c Who was Buddha? a€c What did Buddha teach? a€c What's the Buddhist view of the Afterlife? a€c What's the Buddhist view of Scriptural Documents? a€c Is reincarnation, in the Buddhist view, as positive as people in the west think it is? Used for? a€c Individual study a€c Discipleship a€c Small Group or Sunday School class a€c Christian School a€c Homeschoolers a€c New Believers' class a€c Church library Why Buy? a€c Easy to read. Explains the Bible visually. a€c Attractive. Full-color, packed with fascinating charts and illustrations. a€c Easy to understand. Uses concise and simple language. a€c Fast. This glossy attractive booklet can take less than 20 minutes to read. a€c Durable. 10 QaA on Buddhism glossy coating helps it last. a€c Convenient. This pamphlet's small size makes it easy to carry inside of your Bible, folder, or binder. a€c Engaging. 10 QaA on Buddhism offers fascinating facts and handy study tips that revitalize individual and group Bible studies. a€c Lightweight. Easier to mail than a book, enabling you to uplift and equip friends, family members, and missionaries anywhere in the world.Buddhismis unconcerned about the origin and purpose of the world; time and history are endlessly revolving, likea wheel. Likewise, the individual also evolves from stageto stagethrough continuous rebirths. TheBuddha sawthe individualanbsp;...

Title:10 Questions And Answers On Buddhism
Author:Rose Publishing
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2014-08-28


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