101 Ways to Buy a House

101 Ways to Buy a House

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It doesn't matter how many times you've bought a home; it's a purchase that you must research if you want to avoid trouble. Author James C. Clinkscales, a licensed broker and real estate investing veteran, explains 101 ways to buy a home in this witty and straightforward guidebook. His approach makes learning about options easy and fun for buyers and others involved in the process, such as real estate agents and lawyers. Discover the positives and negatives associated with different types of mortgages, learn how to avoid mistakes during the buying process, and steer clear of problems that the author encountered earlier in his career. Information on Federal Housing Administration programs and the history of real estate financing makes this guide even more valuable. It's not necessary to be a mathematician to become an expert on real estate finance. Get the tools you need to own a bigger piece of the American Dream with q101 Ways to Buy a House.qa heetah, You Dona#39;t Practice by Jogging Number 50 is a little a€œlame, a€ but it is, nonetheless, a way to buy a house. ... (money down the drain), have them take out a large certificate of deposit (CD) at the bank where you are getting the financing. ... So, if you work at a place where there is a credit union, the interest rate to employees is usually much less than ... They probably wona#39;t fire you either, at least not until you have paid them od (job securit Number 53 is Seller Borrows Own Equity.

Title:101 Ways to Buy a House
Author:James C. Clinkscales
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-03


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