10276 in Two Months

10276 in Two Months

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They are hundred thousand miles apart, and could not love in flesh, not in part, so they love with their hearts. Everyday they chat on Facebook, and everyday they live, love and die a little. 10276 is the number of love messages they chatted in two months. Mark Fallen is a screenwriter from England, and Lim Shi Yi is a poet and novelist from Singapore who is married with two daughters. It seems a perfect love made in heaven as they both share the same interests in calligraphy, music, painting, cooking and above all, poetry. She decides to write a script to document their love entitling The Secret Love Of Two Poets and he becomes her script mentor as they spiral deeper into a painful love affair. Two parallel love stories, both virtual, both intense and life altering yet contrasting in development. She is to find out that it is much easier conjuring physical contacts and rendezvous for her characters in her script than it is for her own love and in the end has to choose between family and success or true love.the panic rush to the hospital the previous night, and my Macbook Air was at home, out of battery by then. I had no way of ... The doctor and nurses chased us out the room, and I saw a tintof worry inthe doctora#39;s eyesasI walked pasthim.

Title:10276 in Two Months
Author:Giok Ping Ang
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2012-10-08


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