13 Chilling Tales

13 Chilling Tales

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13 Chilling Tales is a book of original short stories. Most all of these tales were based on concepts that might possibly be expanded to novels. Since the paranormal has many layers of interest, this book samples a variety. We have a vampire, ghosts, a werewolf, the walking dead, a gypsy, a Ouija board, time travel, Bigfoot, and even Death himself. The endings will sneak up on you and are meant to shock or surprise. Many of the characters involved might resemble people you know. It is the authora€™s intent to take you on a brief journey to visit things that we may never understand. In some cases these places may seem familiar and the settings realistic which, makes it all the more frightening. Many of these stories begin in the world of collectables, where naAmve individuals purchase items from people they dona€™t really know. They could be people who may have hidden motivations lying below the surface. Then again, it might be the item itself. Who was the former owner? Were they good, or evil, and still clinging to this item from the beyond? All too often a person buys an antique or collectable, and gets much more than they expected but when their realization takes place.....it is far too late! As a bonus there is a 14th story. The author dispels a true urban legend and ghost story. Incredibly it is an urban legend that was created unintentionally by author himself. An urban legend which he learned about 30 years later! You will read 13 Chilling tales and experience a spectrum of entertainment. Afterward, you may never view a flea market, antique fair, garage sale or second store the same ever again.Get me jewelry, coins, or even a violin or guitar, but no more car stuff or crappy stereo equipment!a€ Tom grabbed the $100 ... Leta#39;s go through these keys. If wea#39;re lucky, wea#39;ll ... Shit, if we had the master for leta#39;s say, a Ford Taurus, all we would have to do is go to the mall and pick them out of the parking lot. Shit, we could not anbsp;...

Title:13 Chilling Tales
Author:Edwin F. Becker
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-09-13


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