14 Months

14 Months

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In 1997, a young college student was arrested and tried for First Degree Homicide, stemming from a shooting in Jacksonville Beach, FL. There was a question as to whether the offense had been committed in Self Defense, or whether it had been cold, calculated Murder. Take a wild ride, as he tells his story, and recalls the time he spent in the Duval County Jail while awaiting trial. Murderers, Rapists and Drug Dealers soon become friends and peers. An alien lifestyle is learned and a new way of thinking is adopted. Follow him from the night of his arrest until the minute the verdict is read. Over a decade after the incident, he will retell his story and keep you clinging to your seat as you relive the 14 months spent in a place where evil has many different names, and it just might be looking you in the mirror.If he was a spokesperson for anything, it would have been an infomercial on the dangers of doing too many drugs. ... never got past the Elementary level in school , and if he had; he would have been placed in special education classes due to his speech impediment and his slow reaction time. ... had never been motivated to achieve success in life, and no one had ever given him any ideas on how to do it.

Title:14 Months
Author:David E. Newsome
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-11-10


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