15 Days Without a Head

15 Days Without a Head

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When his alcoholic mother disappears, fifteen-year-old Laurence is determined to find her, take care of his little brother, and keep their predicament a secret, all while trying to win a luxury vacation for his mom in a radio call-in contest.Ia#39;ve been thinking about what Baz said the other night, about a sport questiona€”it made me realize I know nothing about sport. I havena#39;t ... A page of links pops up: Interesting Facts: Sports and Games, 10 Sports Trivia Facts, Freaky Sports Facts. I try the ... Therea#39;s a button at the end of each line to find out the answer. I dona#39;tanbsp;...

Title:15 Days Without a Head
Author:Dave Cousins
Publisher:Llewellyn Worldwide - 2013


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