180 Days behind the Curtain

180 Days behind the Curtain

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You can have a deep devotional life with Christ! 180 Days behind the Curtain provides an opportunity to make a complete a€œ180-degreea€ turnaround in your devotional life. 180 Days behind the Curtain serves as a magnifying glass for examining the Word of God, as well as a daily vehicle to transport you into that Most Holy Place behind the curtain. This interactive devotional is both inspiring and challenging, and is excellent for individual study, Sunday School classes, and home groups. You will find a rich mine overflowing with the deep truths of God and the greatest of all treasuresa€”Christ Himself. Hearts that are dwelling in heavenly devotion to Him change lives that are dwelling on earth. a€œDavid Frazier will take you on a spiritual journey that will challenge and deepen your faith.a€ Kyle Idleman Author of Not a Fan; Associate Minister for Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY a€œIn a world where truth has taken a backseat to pleasure, and depth of spiritual meaning has become an abandoned child, 180 Days behind the Curtain is a breath of fresh air; a journey to be experienced by every Christian.a€ Dr. Ron Frazier, DBS, DD, ThD, Professor of Theology, Mastera€™s International School of Divinity a€œWith the skill of a spiritual surgeon, David Frazier uses the scalpel of Goda€™s Word to cut precisely where it is needed most: into our (often stubborn) hearts.a€ Luke Gilkerson Community Manager, Covenant EyesIf a pastor wants to find who might be the true saints in the church, call a prayer meeting on Sunday night. ... Praying for souls, one another, the poor, the church, the lost, repentance, and true revival, all these are the spiritual activity missing in churches today. ... Much in Prayer a€œPray without ceasinga€ (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Title:180 Days behind the Curtain
Author:David Frazier
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-04-04


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