20 Ideas

20 Ideas

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Imagine taking your gifted and talented students to a mysterious old graveyard in town and teaching them to conduct history research using the information they gather, teaching gifted children the concepts behind great literature using modern science fiction, allowing your students to conduct independent research in their mathematics classroom, or encouraging your students to plan and participate in exotic travel around the world--without ever leaving your classroom. In this book, you will receive the best ideas and lessons for teachers of secondary gifted kids developed by master teachers across the nation. This exciting book features ideas for starting a mentorship program, teaching history using scientific surveys, using simulations to teach content, organizing historical debates, producing documentaries, and much more. 20 Ideas features exciting activities and lessons such as: Be a Capitalist in Jolly Old England (an exciting activity for the world history classroom), Creative Thinking Skills in Mathematics (producing innovative ways to solve problems), Creating Simulations for the History Classroom (tips for using simulations with gifted students), Another Fine Mess . . . (building creative problem-solving activities that help teach subject area content), and many more creative ideas and lessons. Bring some of the most innovative and inspirational lessons being offered today into your classroom with 20 Ideas.Expose the students to exceptional examples of the type of personal experience writing desired; a€c Review with ... We discussed such possibilities as a diary, a handbook of a€œtechniques, a€ a short story, an informal essay, a comic book, and an anbsp;...

Title:20 Ideas
Author:Joel McIntosh
Publisher:PRUFROCK PRESS INC. - 1992-01-01


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