2042:The Great Cataclysm

2042:The Great Cataclysm

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In the year 2042 ita€™s an advanced society with radical new technologies but ita€™s all threatened when the planet decides to wreak havoc on the arrangement of the natural and physical features of the oceans. Dykes and barricades have been constructed around the worlda€™s cities to hold back the rising seas. Australian oceanographer Nick Torrens working for the US government finds a massive new fault line in Pacific Ocean. These tectonic plates are about to subduct causing a global chain reaction of undersea earthquakes. A nuclear dump in the Bering sea threatens to escalate the disaster creating underwater explosions that activate the dormant volcanoes in the region, leading to the destruction of the North Pole. Nick predicts new islands will rise from the sea-bed displacing the oceans, creating huge tsunami and unprecedented sea levels that no amount of dykes can hold back, and ita€™s a battle they cannot win. The World Government orders a press ban for seven days to enable country leaders to organise evacuations before major panic ensues. The CIA is ordered to prevent Nick from releasing the news prematurely. Ita€™s a race against time as Nick escapes the CIA and has only a few days to return to Australia before international flights are grounded. Once in Australia he is reunited with his twin brother and the nurse who had captured his heart years before. They prepare for the catastrophic disaster and are trapped in a skyscraper on the ocean-front where they are subjected to looters and the full force of the disaster bearing down on them. The US Government flee to a secret city in the mountains, ships are lost at sea and planes in the air are diverted to inland airports. The survivors face the aftermath in a terrifying and vastly altered new world.In 2025 Australia changed rapidly, when it was selected by the World Government to house millions of Indian and Chinese evacuees. Ten million ... and money was tight since the world crash of the Stock Market in 2020. India was a pooranbsp;...

Title:2042:The Great Cataclysm
Author:Melisande R. Mason
Publisher:Melisande Mason - 2014-10-12


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