21st Century Mahan

21st Century Mahan

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Alfred Thayer Mahan's The Influence of Seapower upon History is well known to students of naval history and strategy, but his other writings are often dismissed as irrelevant to today's problems. This collection of five of Mahan's essays, along with Benjamin Armstrong's informative introductions, illustrates why Mahan's work remains relevant to the 21st century and how it can help develop our strategic thinking. People misunderstand Mahan, the editor argues, because they have read only what others say about him, not what Mahan wrote himself. Armstrong's analysis is derived directly from Mahan's own writings. From the challenges of bureaucratic organization and the pit falls of staff duty, to the development of global strategy and fleet composition, to illustrations of effective combat leadership, Armstrong demonstrates that Mahan's ideas continue to provide today's readers with a solid foundation to address the challenges of a rapidly globalizing world.Mahan took over as the president of the Institute, and in 1878 it was suggested by Lt. Cdr. Allan Brown that USNI follow the example of a number of naval organizations in Europe and establish an essay contest. The leaders of the Instituteanbsp;...

Title:21st Century Mahan
Author:Benjamin Armstrong
Publisher:Naval Institute Press - 2013


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