21st Century Pulp

21st Century Pulp

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On 21st Century Pulp:qComic, frightening, suspenseful-Eric Turowski's stories are entertaining from beginning to end.q -Julia Park, author, Tongues of Angels.On The Bugboys:qAn absolutely terrific yarn-worth getting the issue for that one story alone.q -John F. Haines, the Zone #6On Eric Turowski:q Sounds like Genocides-era Thomas Disch q -Rhys Hughes, the Zone #6I wondered why, with all the books and stories in the world, would someone subject an eighth-grader to this mental anguish? How many generations has this been going on, I wondered. Long enough, perhaps, to make our great societyanbsp;...

Title:21st Century Pulp
Author:Eric Turowski
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-10-01


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