25 Ways to Make College Pay Off

25 Ways to Make College Pay Off

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The proposed book appeals to parents who are worried that their $100, 000+ investment in a college education will not lead to a satisfying career path for their children. Two chapters discuss high school with respect to college credit courses in high schools like AP and the application process. The bulk of the book helps parents guide their children to make the right choices while in college. One chapter suggests what should happen after college. The proposed book targets an unfulfilled segment of parent advice books - how to help their children have a college experience that will prepare them for a satisfying career. While there is no direct competition for this book, there are books that are relevant competition. They can be divided into three types: Books providing general tips about all aspects of college directed at students; Books providing more specific advice on career development directed at students; Books on how parents can cope with their children on all aspects of college.; There are many books written for parents about how to adjust to the empty nest or provide general advice about all of college life such as Carol Barkin's When Your Kid Goes to College: A Parent's Survival Guide (Avon Books) and Karen Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger's Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years (Harper Perennial). However, there is no book devoted to how parents can answer the question: how can I make sure my child graduates college ready to start a career or to make a realistic choice about graduate education? Some of the books listed above contain brief discussions on this topic, but none provides a thorough set of tips for success.; None of these books are written by a veteran college professor who has devoted most of his 40+ year teaching career to helping students acquire the skills and perspective to do well in their careers. None of these books have input of successful college students who have used these 20 skills in their college career. This is an insider's book on how to get the most out of college.; I decided to write this book based on my experience with my book, 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College which was written directly to students. Published by 10 Speed Press, it has as, the marketing people at 10 Speed say, legs. It sales could be better if today's college students actually read self-help books and had enough focus and background to plan a college career that would set them up for a satisfying career path. But they don't. Moreover, whenever I gave a speech to professional educators, members of the audience would purchase an autographed copy, not for their students, but for their kids or nieces and nephew.; Based on that experience, I am writing this book directly to parents. My trip to Barnes and Nobles led to me to two spots in the store. The first was the education section which had about 10 shelves on college topics but most were either about getting into a good college or doing well academically. The second section was called Family and Childcare which mostly contained books related to young children, early teens and children with physical and psychological challenges.; However, one book prominently displayed in the section was Mel Levine's Ready or Not, Here Life Comes. The tag line said the book shows how today's society makes it hard for kids to grow into productive adults - and what we can do about it. Levine does not deal specifically with how to help children get ready for a satisfying career through college. I wrote to Levine to explore a possible jointly authored book on this topic.; He wrote back I will not be writing a book to parents, but I hope you will do so. I work closely with the head of the Syracuse University bookstore who has bought copies for all her nieces and nephews and has also had me make presentations to a regional conference of the National Association College Bookstores. She has had tremendous success selling my 10 ThingIta#39;s easier than sending out hundreds of resumes and getting involved in the interview process. True ... Moreover, ita#39;s not hard to get into the majority of graduate programs, so parents cana#39;t count on their children being rejected everywhere theyanbsp;...

Title:25 Ways to Make College Pay Off
Author:William D. Coplin
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2007-01-01


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