3 (Revised Edition)

3 (Revised Edition)

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The world of 3 reflects on the concept of mind, body and soul. To answer an age old philosophical question and provide proofs of reason.There comes a time when things which are destined to be manifest become clear and the truth of the words written shed light on the thoughts of the mind, the actions of the body and the will of the soul. The Book was intended for the purpose of reaching an understanding after years of study and some nuggets among the various troubling thoughts of the time, and then whilst the storm settled and following 6 troubled years fighting mental illness and instiutionalisation and still pursuing a course independent of what mainstream education had to offer, a simple tool rather than years spent in academia paying off costly debts, and working among students which would take up your time, instead a daily routine to question, critically examine and evaluate the thoughts until something unique and original became known. In 2008 the book was formalised and for the next two years was developed and brought into existence. The book intends to give insight to the life of one deemed insane and through his experience sheds a light onto the wider world, also questioning the difference between mental illness and creativity. It is the unravelling of mysteries which people have talked of but never put to writing, it is a long journey of logical understanding to keep a light within to search for answers.Everything is in accordance with Goda#39;s will, life can survive in all kinds of parameters, there is no set guide for success or failure, nor is there ... Tutors use to say, smile, when asked I used to smile, but they wondered why I wasna#39;t happy, Only near the end I changed, I was ... Then the CD got caught in the car stereo and when Ireplaced it, they wouldna#39;t let me try and get the CD out, I went nuts, I went outanbsp;...

Title:3 (Revised Edition)
Author:A. Submitter
Publisher:A Submitter - 2011-08-09


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