4—Tom Swift and the Oceanic SubLiminator (HB)

4—Tom Swift and the Oceanic SubLiminator (HB)

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In this hardbound edition of the 4th novel in the series, Tom is asked to help save the crew of a nuclear submarine, and then to recover the actual sub before it can be claimed as salvage and stripped of its top secrets. His efforts lead him to being requested to undertake a monumental task: locating and recovering the more than half-dozen qqlostqq nuclear submarines sitting on the bottom of several of the Earth's oceans. More than that, he must also find their nuclear-tipped torpedoes and reactors, some of which are no longer with the hull. With nothing available from his own company, it looks hopeless until the Navy loans him a holdover from the Cold War, a submarine carrier capable of holding and launching several attack class subs. He refits it for the mission and sets out only to discover that saboteurs, spies, possible terrorists and even foreign governments are out to see him fail.Nobody had told her about Toma#39;s qualifications. If what he was telling ... When power went offline, it must have spiked because it fused two of the main circuit boards. We didna#39;t anticipate ... a€œAny circuit diagrams available?a€ he asked. a€œGive meanbsp;...

Title:4—Tom Swift and the Oceanic SubLiminator (HB)
Author:Victor Appleton II
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2013-12


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