50 Foods

50 Foods

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With 50 Foods, noted authority Edward Behr has created the definitive guide to the foods every food lover must know. A culinary Baedeker, 50 Foods will delight and inform the connoisseur as well as the novice. Like Behra€™s celebrated magazine, The Art of Eating, 50 Foods presents simple, practical information about buying, using, preparing, and enjoying. Behr focuses on aroma, appearance, flavor, and texture to determine what a€œthe besta€ means for each food. He tells you how to select top qualitya€”signs of freshness and ripeness, best season, top varieties, proper aging. If the way to prepare, serve, or eat something is little known, then he explains it (how to open an oyster, why the best way to cook green beans is boiling, how to clean a whole salted anchovy, when to eat and when to discard the rind of a cheese). Behr also names the most complementary foods and flavors for each of these fifty marvelous foods and the wines that go with them. The fifty selections provide a broad sensory range for the modern gourmet. Most of the foods are raw materials, but some have been fermented or otherwise transformeda€”into bread, ham, cheese. Six of the fifty are cheeses. As Behr explains, cheese is probably the best food, as wine is the best drink. Behr argues that food tastes more delicious when it is closer to nature. Skilled low technology is almost always superior to high technology. But with scientific insight, the old methods can be refined to achieve more consistent high quality. We cana€™t always have the best, but with the information in this book we can eat better every day. Knowing good food is part of a complete understanding of the worlda€”part of a full enjoyment of nature, a full experience of the senses, a full life. For the connoisseur at any level, 50 Foods is a beautifully written guide to deliciousness, with color illustrations by Mikel Jaso throughout.A Guide to Deliciousness Edward Behr ... The curious Englishname explains nothinga€”we can only guess where sweetbread comes from. ... In late spring, ris deveau areserved with the vegetables that excel atthat timea€” green peas, spinach, sorrel, sometimes asparagusa€”the sweetbreads and cooked vegetables being putanbsp;...

Title:50 Foods
Author:Edward Behr
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-10-31


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