50 Great Myths About Religions

50 Great Myths About Religions

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50 Great Myths about Religions is an intriguing, informative, and often humorous introduction to some of the long standing myths that surround religious belief. This engaging book will get its readers thinking about how and why certain myths have arisen, and their continuing influence on our personal and collective view of religion. Offers a lively, informative, and thought-provoking introduction to some of the common misbeliefs surrounding religions Discusses myths about religious belief in general, as well as specific ideas that surround Judaism, Christianity, Islam, atheism, and agnosticism Covers a wide range of myths, from ancient legends such as the Bible forbidding pork being eaten because it causes illness, to modern urban fables, such as Barack Obama being a Muslim Unpacks each myth in turn, explaining why it arose, how it spread, and why the beliefs that stem from it are questionable Includes a fascinating discussion about human nature, and the main characteristics that predispose us to create and circulate myths to begin with Underpinned by a wide knowledge of academic research, it is written by two respected religion scholars and experienced authorsComparing apersona#39;s purpose to amachinea#39;s purpose may sound odd, but that is exactlywhat Rick Warren does in his book: You didna#39;t create yourself, sothere is no way you ... Only the creator or the ownera#39;s manual could reveal its purpose.

Title:50 Great Myths About Religions
Author:John Morreall, Tamara Sonn
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-04-03


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