50 Plus One Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg

50 Plus One Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg

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The vast majority of people do not have a plan or understanding of just how expensive it is going to be to live in retirement. Whether you are well on your way towards retirement or just starting your career, it's never too late to start planning for the future. Fact: It will take from 60 to 80 percent of your current income to live in retirement at the same or similar standard of living you now enjoy. 50 plus one Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg shows you how to prepare for your financial future. Learn how to: get out of debt; the importance of paying yourself first; the time value of money; special IRA allowances for people nearing retirement; how a SEP can help a small business owner; what Social Security will and will not provide; and much more.You can pay $966.33 a month and it will take you 2 years to pay off your credit cards. ... as your budget allows to the credit card with the highest interest rate, and pay the minimum to your lower rate cards. ... Credit Card APR Current Balance Monthly Payment Time Needed to Pay Off Visa 21% $2, 400 $216.33 9 monthsanbsp;...

Title:50 Plus One Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg
Author:Linda M. Magoon, Poonum Vasishth
Publisher:Encouragement Press, LLC - 2006-07-31


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