501 Contractor Tips

501 Contractor Tips

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This book is full of my personal successes and failures as a contractor and construction worker. It hasn't always been easy and for the most part, I made it harder than it needed to be, but you don't need to. Why should you repeat the same mistakes I made years ago? I would've paid five hundred dollars or more for the information inside this book when I started. Heck, I probably would've paid $1000 for the information inside this book, ten or fifteen years into my career. When I first started, I had problems dealing with my clients and other construction workers. After that, I had problems getting paid on time or getting paid period. Then I had to deal with the ultimate problem, either too much or not enough work. The challenges were often over whelming and I can't tell you how many times... I wanted to quit. I had to make a change and those changes led me to learn more about construction, business and psychology. The more I learned, the easier my job became and this motivated me to start learning about other things, which eventually made my job even easier. If you don't believe, you need to qRead to Succeed, q you're going to remain stuck where you are...Forever! I was your average student in school who started a construction business at 25 years old, with less than $1000 in the bank. Can You Believe That! It wasn't easy and I would have given practically anything to have the opportunity you have in front of you today. To benifit from the years of my experiecnce ... and for under fifty bucks... Come on this one is a no brainer. Education is the key to success my friend, so let's get started on your journey towards a better life as a successful contractor money making machine and personal development junkie! Wishing You The Best, Greg Vanden BergeAn architect is someone who went to school to learn how to design homes and other buildings. ... Contractors Designing Homes: Contractors are allowed to design and draw blueprints, like an architect. ... in a while, youa#39;re going to run into a homeowner who drew a set of plans using home design software on their computer.

Title:501 Contractor Tips
Author:Greg Vanden Berge
Publisher:Greg Vanden Berge - 2011-04-27


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