666 Calculated

666 Calculated

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Using modern examples and ancient scripture, this book unravels the age-old mystery of 666a€”the number subscribed as the mark of the beast. It also seeks to answer questions that have intrigued man for centuries: If you had to sell the birthright for your life, would you know what it is? Regarding the Devil, could we be the serpent in question? If you had to undergo a metamorphosis, would you be willing to let go of life as you know it? What is the soul? 666 Calculated takes on these and other subjects that will boggle the mind, stagger the imagination, defy conventional wisdom, challenge the status quoa€”all the while remaining loyal to scripture. a€œHere is wisdom, let him that hath understanding calculate the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.a€ (Revelation 13:18)To unlock the mystery of these figures a€œ666, a€ we must look to the numeral. ... For the purpose of representing something, whether aisle numbers conveying products on a specific row, or area codes conveying location, associate numbers formanbsp;...

Title:666 Calculated
Author:Jackie Shaffer, Sr.
Publisher:Outskirts Press - 2013-07-24


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