$700 Billion Bailout

$700 Billion Bailout

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qIs America a sinking ship? With the economy in the midst of crisis, the United States government has approved an unprecedented $700 billion bailout of the battered financial industry. $700 Billion Bailout is an analysis of the controversial Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and explains in easy to understand language what the bailout bill means for individuals. The bill...will include tax breaks shielding millions of taxpayers from the alternative minimum tax this year, increase FDIC insurance for bank deposits..., and provide support for Wall Street's floundering financial institutions...q--P. [4] of cover.The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and What It Means to You, Your Money, Your Mortgage and Your Taxes Paul ... The old Countrywide edict of a€œyou have to be late on your payments before we can help youa€ is now out the window. ... If the customer service rep (who might actually be located in India) seems unwilling to hear your plea, ask for the manager. ... Its phone number is: (888) 995-HOPE.

Title:$700 Billion Bailout
Author:Paul Muolo
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009


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