93 Seconds to Disaster

93 Seconds to Disaster

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qSew another stripe on the arm of Captain Brian Power-Waters as the Conscience-in-Chief of America's flying industry. In 93 Seconds to Disaster, the story of the tragic post-9/11 crash of American Airlines A-300 Airbus flight 587 in Queens, NY, he takes us inside the cockpit on the fateful morning of November 12, 2001 as the plane gets caught in bone-jarring wake turbulence from the 747 in front of it. Stacking up facts, figures, black box transcripts, and his own profound expertise, Power-Waters criticizes the NTSB for its rush-to-judgment conclusion that the co-pilot caused the breakup of the plane. The author cites reports of 'popping noises' and shedding of plane parts after takeoff, and believes the Airbus either was not airworthy before takeoff or there was an explosive device on board. Power-Waters' probe flatly concludes that Airbus covered up evidence of the extreme sensitivity of the plane's rudder. He hammers at airlines, accuses the FAA of 'sleeping with the airlines', and once again tests the air industry's commitment to safety. A must read!q -Alex Michelini, former Chief Investigative Reporter, New York Daily NewsqIf you think your airline captain is trained to recover from any position that the airplane might encounter, you'd be wrong.q -Carl T. Butterworth, Senior Captain, American Airlines, Ret. Brig. Gen. (ANG)qThanks for writing your excellent book concerning the tragedy of American Airlines Flight 587. In it, you have raised questions that need to be addressed, and in doing so, you have helped make the rest of the world aware of these questions.q -Andrew J. Michalak, Captain, American Airlines (Ret.)The larger airlines that operate different aircraft were having a really hard time because they would have a mechanic that would do a repair out of a Boeing structural repair manual (SMR) one day and he would do the repair. And the next day, anbsp;...

Title:93 Seconds to Disaster
Author:Brian Power-Waters, Captain Brian Power-Waters XIII
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005


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