A Call of Fate

A Call of Fate

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In this psychological drama, love, lies and manipulation are explored with chilling results. Graduate student David Stead sets out to control Sharon Selby so that he can prove his PhD. hypothesis on Inter-persona Behaviour. Sharon is engaged to marry another and knows that David is only using her. But she enacts the role David wants her to play, because she has developed an obsession for him. Meanwhile, Julie Williams is secretly in love with David and warns Sharon to keep her hands off. Julie's uncle is David's research supervisor, so he must take care not to alienate her. As the lines between real and pretend blur and tangle in this psychological maze, anything can happen...About the Author: Raised in the Northern Indian State of Bihar, Mojibur Rahman graduated in Marketing and established his own computer company in 1990. He is married with four children and now lives in Reading, England. His published books are Blush of the Rainbow and Not Just Love. He chairs a society and is a member of a number of social and political organisations. Publisher's Web site: http: //www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/ACallOfFate.htmDavid first of all tried to switch on the TV but nothing happened so he pulled the plug from the wall socket while Tracy watched. a€œI need a screwdriver and a 3 Amp fuse. I will be back in a moment.a€ He said and ran down to his room and from aanbsp;...

Title:A Call of Fate
Author:Mojibur Rahman
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-10


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