A Catholic Marries a Hindu

A Catholic Marries a Hindu

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Two people -- Paul, an American, and Latika, an Indian -- fall in love and get married in this true East meets-West story entitled qA Catholic Marries a Hindu.q From language and attitudes to cuisine and hobbies, and from college experiences and career choices to social structure and work settings, this short, matter-of-fact read sheds light on the many cultural differences between the United States and India as seen through Paul's perspective -- as seen through American eyes. The true story culminates in the weddings (both Catholic and Hindu) of Latika and Paul -- tuxedos, Mass, and a wedding cake on day one are replaced by saris, Sanskrit chants, and coconuts on day two. Educational and informative, qA Catholic Marries a Hinduq shows us that differences, at times, can unite.Also, talking about a new paint job for onea#39;s car because one doesna#39;t like its color isna#39;t something an Indian would talk ... Not so much. Again, Indians dona#39;t engage in too much small talk. Children. Bob and Wendy talked considerably aboutanbsp;...

Title:A Catholic Marries a Hindu
Author:Paul Bouchard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-01


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