A Certain Point of View

A Certain Point of View

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Being a web designer, racing driver and generally grumpy individual, Eddie Hall has an opinion on most subject matters and would like to get on his soapbox and offer an explanation on subjects like why going to school is bad for your education (I spent over a decade of my life in education and what was the most important lesson I learned? That it is a complete waste of time), why people who drive a Nissan Micra should be locked up (they always seem to be the worst offenders on the road), why celebrities will be the death of the human race (most of them have no talent whatsoever and why in the name of Greek buggery do they insist on naming their poor children after fruits of the forest?) and many other unanswerable questions.During the course of ranting about anything and everything, Eddie tries to unravel the mystery behind why the world is such a confusing and frustrating place to live. The contents of this book contain opinions that most people share but few are prepared to admit. You will either find this book amusing or offensive. Either is fine by Eddie!Each chapter of A Certain Point of View is its own satirical rant about a particular subject. Eddie, whose writing style is comparable to that of Jeremy Clarkson, adopts an informal, conversational style that draws the reader in and encourages them to relate to the material, which revolves around todaya€™s society and current affairs. It will appeal to fans of humorous books.my local Ford Dealership and purchased a bulb. Sure enough when ... Now, my dad also has no imagination and owns a Ford Focus. Having experienced the delights of changing my own earlier in the week I offered to do his. It was bound to be ... After unclipping everything that looked like it was attached to the headlight, I gave up and did something completely unmanly: I got out the manual. I eventuallyanbsp;...

Title:A Certain Point of View
Author:Eddie Hall
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2012-02-01


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