A Concise Guide to Semigroups and Evolution Equations

A Concise Guide to Semigroups and Evolution Equations

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This book is a simple and concise introduction to the theory of semigroups and evolution equations, both in the linear and in the semilinear case. The subject is presented by a discussion of two standard boundary value problems (from particle transport theory and from population theory), and by showing how such problems can be rewritten as evolution problems in suitable Banach spaces.Each section of the book is completed by some notes, where the relevant notions of functional analysis are explained. Some other definitions and theorems of functional analysis are discussed in the Appendices (so that the only prerequisites to read the book are classical differential and integral calculus).dy, fcX = l}(a, b), (80) (see also Example 2). ... we assume that the double integral of |/i(r, .y)| is finite We conclude that Bsts(X), with , (whereas A eG(\, -2k/(b-a)2, X)). We finally remark that the decomposition of A} into the sum of a differential operator A plus a bounded integral operator B is of interest in particle transport theory.

Title:A Concise Guide to Semigroups and Evolution Equations
Author:Aldo Belleni-Morante
Publisher:World Scientific - 1994


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