A Course in Phonetics

A Course in Phonetics

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Providing a broad overview and packed with examples, A COURSE IN PHONETICS, 7e remains the ideal introduction to phonetics-no previous knowledge required! With its reader-friendly writing style, the book introduces concepts of speech production, describes speech in acoustic terms, and teaches practical phonetic skills, including IPA transcription. In addition, expanded sections on acoustic phonetics and speech motor control help readers use tools for digital inspection and manipulation of speech. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.In both cases, the tongue contacts in the trill are driven by an aerodynamic force in much the same way that vocal fold vibration in voicing is driven by airflow. ... In a flap, the tip of the tongue is first curled up and back in a retroflex gesture, and then strikes the roof of the mouth in the post-alveolar ... Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s).

Title:A Course in Phonetics
Author:Peter Ladefoged, Keith Johnson
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2014-01-01


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