A Cp-Theory Problem Book

A Cp-Theory Problem Book

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This third volume in Vladimir Tkachuk's series on Cp-theory problems applies all modern methods of Cp-theory to study compactness-like properties in function spaces and introduces the reader to the theory of compact spaces widely used in Functional Analysis. The text is designed to bring a dedicated reader from basic topological principles to the frontiers of modern research covering a wide variety of topics in Cp-theory and general topology at the professional level. The first volume, Topological and Function Spaces Ac 2011, provided an introduction from scratch to Cp-theory and general topology, preparing the reader for a professional understanding of Cp-theory in the last section of its main text. The second volume, Special Features of Function Spaces Ac 2014, continued from the first, giving reasonably complete coverage of Cp-theory, systematically introducing each of the major topics and providing 500 carefully selected problems and exercises with complete solutions. This third volume is self-contained and works in tandem with the other two, containing five hundred carefully selected problems and solutions. It can also be considered as an introduction to advanced set theory and descriptive set theory, presenting diverse topics of the theory of function spaces with the topology of point wise convergence, or Cp-theory which exists at the intersection of topological algebra, functional analysis and general topology.... any b2 DA„. In particular, any discrete space X is linearly orderable. U.067. Fact 2. Suppose that, for every t2 T, the topology of a ... Suppose that N t is a cosmic space for each t 2 T and take any point u 2 N D Q fNt W t 2 Tg. If jTj A„ !1 then I‡.

Title:A Cp-Theory Problem Book
Author:Vladimir V Tkachuk
Publisher:Springer - 2015-06-02


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