A Digest of the Law of Agency

A Digest of the Law of Agency

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Reprint of the first edition. The sixteenth edition of this classic treatise was published in 1996. Esteemed for its clarity, it reduces the law of agency to a series of abstract propositions arranged under headings and articles and illustrated by relevant cases. qThe work has been carefully done. We have tested the text, the cases cited, and the index, and have in each case found a clear and correct statement of the point or of the authorities for which we sought. The style is concise, and the contents are free from anything superfluous or redundant.q: S.H.L., Law Quarterly Review 12 (1896) 288.Haynes v. Foster, 71. Hazard v. Treadwell, 208. Heald v. Kenworthy, 234. Healey v. Storey, 281. Heard v. Pilley, 30, 31. Heath v. Chilton, 301. Heinrich, The, 195. v. Sutton, 194. Heisch v. Carnngton, 244. Helgear v. Hawke, 51. Hemmmgs v.

Title:A Digest of the Law of Agency
Author:William Bowstead
Publisher:The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. - 2006-09


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