A Dirty Window

A Dirty Window

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At fifty years of age, Mark Johnson finds that his life is collapsing around him. Every aspect of his life--physical, sexual, emotional, professional, financial--is going downhill. After an other-worldly encounter--or was it?--he is strangely rejuvenated. With some mysteriously endowed gifts of health and intelligence, he is able to realize all of the success that had previously eluded him. Life is a dream come true in a world of heightened sensuality. However, his extraordinary gifts are housed in a flawed personality. He falls prey to the basic impulses of his personality and helplessly alienates the people closest to him. A few bad choices precipitate his decline and he ends up suicidal and alone. He's morally aware enough to realize what he has done and, despite his age, immature enough to have done it. A Dirty Window is an entertaining exploration of the male psyche through a darkly-coloured wish fulfillment fantasy. Movie rights are available.Remote control in hand, he happily fired away pausing every so often to catch a bit of amovie, a snatch of an infomercial, ... Restless but quietly bemused by the flood of fragmented information pouring from the TV, he had sipped his way through half a ... It was avoluntary service anyway and he was volunteering himself out.

Title:A Dirty Window
Author:Stevan Jovanovich
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2010-01-01


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