A Discourse Concerning Algebra

A Discourse Concerning Algebra

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For historians of mathematics and those interested in the history of science, 'A Discourse Concerning Algebra' provides an new and readable account of the rise of algebra in England from the Medieval period to the later years of the 17th century. Including new research, this is the most detailed study to date of early modern English algebra, which builds on work published in 1685 by John Wallis (Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford) on the history of algebra. Stedall's bookfollows the reception and dissemination of important algebraic ideas and methods from continental Europe (especially those of Viete) and the consequent revolution in the state of English mathematics in the 17th century. The text emphasises the contribution of Wallis, but substantial reference is also provided to other important mathematicans such as Harriot, Oughtred, Pell and Brouncker.Pacioli himself did not find a solution for cubics. though he did solve a particular quartic by treating it as the product of two iidentical i ... with equations of the form x} -i- px = q was Scipione del Ferro i 1465-1 526l. lecturer in geometry and arithmetic at the University of Bologna. ... rise to a cubic of the form xl + px = q. leading Tartaglia to discover for himself del Ferroa#39;s solution. ... Unlike the cossist texts. however. the Ars magna was more than a manual for solving set forms of equations.

Title:A Discourse Concerning Algebra
Author:Jacqueline A. Stedall
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 2002


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