A Do Right Man

A Do Right Man

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Finally, a story of a handsome, educated, heterosexual black man and his experiences with careers and relationships in the fast-moving '90s! Bobby Dallas, a budding radio talk-show host, has no skeletons or kids in the closet. All that's missing is a talented, sexy, smart black woman by his side. And that should be easy, right? But after a shattering breakup with his first love, Bobby wanders for years between women and jobs, unsure about marriage, family, economics, and his overall stability. Having achieved his dream of becoming a highly successful radio talk-show host, Bobby is a man with the best of intentions not only in his career, but also in love. He learns, though, that being a qdo right manq is far from easy.a€œCome on, man. Every time I call they say youa#39;re booked. ... Each descending step sent shock waves into the eggshell that had replaced my skull. Shit! My head is killing me! ... I waved without looking and continued on my way out the exit door, where the January wind threw open my unbuttoned sports jacket. ... I folded my hands behind my head and listened to the cars drive up and down Eighth Street.

Title:A Do Right Man
Author:Omar Tyree
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2001-06-23


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