A Driver's Manual For Drunk Drivers

A Driver's Manual For Drunk Drivers

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CONCISE CARAr The rubrics of CARAr are similar to other Cognitive Apprenticeship Methodologya€™s: a€œWatch It Do It Know It.a€ CARa€™s unique power to facilitate recovery is derived by adding the ingredients of a€œThe Way of Analogya€ and a€œThe Concept of The Singular.a€ You might want to start by first reading Chapter 5 in a€œBingoa€: The chaira€™s fixed, relax and sit in it as a way to preempt any confusion about how a€œThe Way of Analogya€ is being used in a€œRelationship Associations.a€ Here is the traditional (Thomas Aquinas) a€œWay of Analogya€: Red is Red: and yet a horse is Red, with a a€œhorseya€ Redness. CARAr melds this with a€œThe Concept of the Singulara€ [i.e. Remember Philosophy 101. The Universal Chair of the Greeks was the perfect chair; then came a€œthe Particulara€ chair (Lounge Chairs); then came a€œthe Singulara€ chair (your Dada€™s old Morris chair with the cigar burns on the right arm)] to get its synergism. CARAr is a a€œSingular Analogous Relationship Drivena€ Recovery modality and as such, less easily defined than experienced. CARAr methodology is already at work a€œwithina€ you even before you start to read these books. You already know (you are ultimately aware) that you are a€œwithin the answer.a€ a€œThe a€˜Good Newsa€™ is... you are in Recovery now!a€ This is proclaimed at the beginning of all three books. a€œThe first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.a€ Solomon Ibn Gabriol Respectfully submitted... Maurice a€œMoa€ Murray [Reference: The Practice of Cognitive Apprenticeship Recovery. Maurice J Murray, Bowers-Stokesbury Press. Wilmington, DE 1993]and a€œWhat recovery a#39;tipsa#39; help most?a€ Leta#39;s start with a multiple-choice question: How are Faith and Sobriety alike? 1) Neither one can drive a school bus. 2) Faith is not a a€œwill to believe.a€ 3) Sobriety is not a a€œwill to stop drinking.a€ 4) Both Faithanbsp;...

Title:A Driver's Manual For Drunk Drivers
Author:Maurice "Mo" Murray
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-10-02


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