A Frog in My Backpack

A Frog in My Backpack

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We stepped through waist-high leaves, climbed through twisted vines and followed Karl into an envelope of noises . We were let off at a group of dilapidated cabins by a truck driver who gave no assurance he would return . Karl threw some Indonesian words at him then turned to us qHe'll be back. If he remembers.q -A Frog in my Backpack Tired of short vacations, Janet and John quit their jobs, shouldered backpacks and decided to explore beyond the edges of their American map. The outcome of their adventure is A Frog in My Backpack, a vivid, humorous voyage to foreign lands, living with what they could carry, conquering fear of the unknown. Over five continents, they met with adventure: Descending to an underground cathedral of salt, following a postcard to a mountain of gods, hiking the Himalayas. They met the locals: The Turkish boy who pantomimed a rifle and proclaimed, qDanger for your life!q and Abdul who whispered, qWant a bugging device? I have to get rid of it.q Whether recounting a camel roundup or an Arctic trek Janet, in her down-to-earth writing style, delivers an engrossing travelogue.Two weeks later when I rotated the van keys from my key ring, Paula gave me that same nonchalant look of no concern. a€œDo you ... We said goodbye to Paula and to Jackson Hole and loaded our gear into our rented green Ford Taurus. We were ... Why was my chin only inches from the dash? ... Only that time and one other did I catch myself giving the customary salute to a fellow Volkswagen van owner.

Title:A Frog in My Backpack
Author:Janet H. Anderson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-06-01


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