A Future History

A Future History

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Pan Tanner grew up in a family of cannibals-that is, when they are in human form. Pana€™s family is very old, and one of the last surviving families of time lords. His father, Skyner, and Pan are gourmet chefs, butcher their own meats, give free charity meals, and protect all life forms that deserve to survive. Unknown to Pan, Charley, Morgaine and Dana, Skyner is also a Guardian. Having almost died, one of Pana€™s uncles, Lancelot, restores Pan. In return, Skyner trains Pan to become a Guardian of the universe. Pan eventually becomes stronger than Zeus, who is always looking for ways to destroy him. Pan is one of a select few who takes care of the universe-as you take care of your home. Now Pan uses evil methods to help protect the innocent-but for how long?a€œSo your time clock remains unaffected by taking large jumps in time?a€ a€œNo. Not always. When Kronos gave forth his gift time, he put some warps for the rest of the Guardian time lords to travel in, and we could repair any flaws that occurred in the universe. ... a€œYoua#39;ll need to know how to fix them up in Pana#39;s Training 117.

Title:A Future History
Author:Heather Kintyre
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-10-01


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