A Good Pair of Boots and A Road to Walk On

A Good Pair of Boots and A Road to Walk On

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This book details the foot travels of a young impressionable boy in the middle of the last century. Being enticed by the call of the long winding road, he foot travel's Canada's landscapes in all provinces coast to coast. With this desire to explore his homeland, the boy seeks to experience the unique smells, tastes, and textures of every terrain, of every geographic location, needing to feel a belonging and welcome. This book will track his journey as he moves into adulthood, into the domesticity of a typical Canadian community, and into retirement. Initially innocent and trusting, he is confronted by a society that he sees as hypocritical and criminal and without a moral or social compass. Now as a young man raising a family he sets out to question the social re-engineering of the Canadian establishment and the apathy of his fellow countrymen bothers him deeply. Curious now, he sets out to investigate this troubling situation. Inquisitive and concerned, he approaches this task with the same vigour, determination, and sensitivity that he sustained through his teen years exploring his Canadian homeland. Now he finds that the re-engineering of his society does not allow for queries or legal protest. Wishing to understand and having an inquisitive nature, he sets out with intent and allows himself to be incarcerated, where he is introduced to Canada's criminal courts and justice system. His suspicions of corruption are confirmed. qHowever, his findings of this criminal activity are distorted by the compliant criminal media using fabrication and lies.q The socially re-engineered community where the older man now lives accepts the media's distortions and inventions as truths and therefore self-evident. The reader of this book will be taken into a neighbourhood unremarkable on the face of it, but a community that sustains a situation that is toxic and unliveable for a man who only sought to feel at home and belong to what he feels could have been a greater country. It is at this point that the reader will come to the realization that they are complicit in this collective malaise, and that they are this man's community and neighbour. They will have seen the enemy and it is they, themselves.In 1971, when moving to my new home I had a small claims court order demanding a balance of thirty-two dollars to be paid on an outstanding bill, debited to me for the purchase of a battery and a tire charged to a credit card from the Shellanbsp;...

Title:A Good Pair of Boots and A Road to Walk On
Author:C. H. Evers
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2015-05-20


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