A Guidebook to Human Service Professions

A Guidebook to Human Service Professions

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The twenty-one all new chapters in this second edition poignantly review a variety of different careers designed for individuals undecided about their future, beyond a desire or OC a callingOCO to work with people, and provide excellent cutting edge information about a large variety of human service professions and occupations, wrapped in the authorsOCO OC real passion for helping people.OCO Part I discusses some of the tangible and intrinsic reasons why people want to be human service professionals, and defines and discusses career choice and human service, as well as the concepts of career, job and professionalism. Part II includes 18 chapters OCo each authored by an OC all-star teamOCO of 30 professionals with many years of service delivery experience and accomplished scholars, who hold or have held numerous leadership positions in, and have taught many graduate courses in, their respective professional disciplines. Each of the 18 chapters addresses 10 specific aspects of human service professions. Part III presents a brief overview of five major occupational areas where individuals with non-graduate degrees frequently find employment working with people. Within each area, specific jobs are described and salary and outlook information given. Part IV offers an in-depth discussion of professionalism in human services, defines and addresses the big four human service regulatory mechanisms: certification, licensure, registration and accreditation, and discusses autonomy, professional behavior, codes of ethics, the roles of knowledge in decision-making and professionalsOCO ultimate decisions, and the importance of OC professional self-concept.OCO This book, designed as a textbook for undergraduate courses in human services, is a OC must readOCO for the young-and-eager or the mature second-careerist future human service professional. The thoughtful, knowledgeable, practical and cutting-edge approaches in this book provide an invaluable point of embarkation on anyoneOCOs journey to a personally and professionally rewarding career as a human service professional.qIn general, mastera#39;s programs are easier to get into than Ph.D. programs. Those Ph.D. programs considered the most prestigious are among the most difficult to get into for graduate programs in any field. Solid a€œAa€ averages approaching 4.0anbsp;...

Title:A Guidebook to Human Service Professions
Author:William George Emener
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2009


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