A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy

A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy

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From the reviews: qThis monumental work will henceforth be the standard interpretation of ancient mathematical astronomy. It is easy to point out its many virtues: comprehensiveness and common sense are two of the most important. Neugebauer has studied profoundly every relevant text in Akkadian, Egyptian, Greek, and Latin, no matter how fragmentary; [...] With the combination of mathematical rigor and a sober sense of the true nature of the evidence, he has penetrated the astronomical and the historical significance of his material. [...] His work has been and will remain the most admired model for those working with mathematical and astronomical texts. D. Pingree in Bibliotheca Orientalis, 1977 q... a work that is a landmark, not only for the history of science, but for the history of scholarship. HAMA [History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy] places the history of ancient Astronomy on a entirely new foundation. We shall not soon see its equal. N.M. Swerdlow in Historia Mathematica, 1979It took four more decades until larger collections of papyri were started, in part by private persons who had connections with Egypt, in part by the great Museums. ... Beside, and written around the acrostic, the verso contains different administrative documents, written by later hands but as ... Blass discovered that our treatise originally had the form of a didactic poem; the original metre is still preserved inanbsp;...

Title:A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy
Author:O. Neugebauer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-09-17


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