A history of graphic design

A history of graphic design

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Critical acclaim for previous editions of A History of Graphic Design qI expect it to become a foundation and keystone of serious study . . . it is a fortress work.q -Communication Arts q[It] traces the role of the designer as a messenger of culture.q -STA Journal qNow . . . a hefty, yet concise, documentation of the entire field exists.q -Print qIt is a noble and formidable undertaking.q -he Artist's Magazine qAn excellent and invaluable work.q -Library Journal qThis is a reference work that reads like a novel. It's comprehensive, authoritative, graphic, and exciting.q -Ualc: The Journal of Typographics q[This book] establishes graphic design as a profession. Bravo!q -Design Issues qA significant attempt at a comprehensive history of graphic design . . . it will be an eye-opener not only for general readers, but for designers who have been unaware of their legacy.q -The New York Times qMr. Meggs enthusiastically conveys these excitements to us, from the invention of photography and 'popular graphics of the Victorian era' through the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau, the Secession, the isms . . . to the Modern Movement. . . . More importantly, he shows us the joins as well as the parts.q-rinting World After a decade of research by the author, the first edition of A History of Graphic Design was heralded as a publishing landmark by the Association of American Publishers, who awarded it a coveted award for publishing excellence. Now, after fifteen years of development in graphic design, this expanded and updated Third Edition includes hundreds of full-color images and new material in many areas, including alphabets, Japanese and Dutch graphics, and the computer revolution which has impacted all aspects of contemporary design and communications. With its approximately 1, 200 illustrations, lucid text, and interpretive captions, the book reveals a saga of creative innovators, breakthrough technologies, and important design innovations. Graphic design is a vital component of each culture and period in human history, and in this account, an extraordinary panorama of people and events unfolds, including: * The Invention of Writing and Alphabets * Medieval Manuscript Books * The Origins of Printing and Typography * Renaissance Graphic Design * The Arts and Crafts Movement * Victorian and Art Nouveau Graphics * Modern Art and Its Impact on Design * Visual Identity and Conceptual Images * Postmodern Design * The Computer Graphics Revolution A History of Graphic Design is recognized as a seminal work; this Third Edition surpasses in detail and breadth the content, design, and color reproduction of previous editions. It is required reading for professionals, students, and everyone who works with or loves the world of graphic design. This comprehensive reference tool is an invaluable visual survey that you will turn to again and again.... 418, 423 Tomaszewski, Henryk, 390-391 , 408 Tools, invention of, 4 Toorop, Jan, 186-187, 200-201, 211 Topolski, Feliks, ... Geoffroy, 94-99 pages designed by, 98 Toshiba Corporation, 418-419 Total Design (TD) studio, 423-425 Toulouse-Lautrec, ... 262-263 timeline of, 56-57 Tschichold and, 286-290 Victorian, 159-161 Typography: A Manual of Design (Ruder), ... 358-361 Ukiyo-e, 179-183 Art Nouveau influence of, 184 development of, 124-125 Ulm, Germany, as printing center, anbsp;...

Title:A history of graphic design
Author:Philip B. Meggs
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 1998


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