A History of Heterodox Economics

A History of Heterodox Economics

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Economics is a contested academic discipline between neoclassical economics and a collection of alternative approaches, such as Marxism-radical economics, Institutional economics, Post Keynesian economics, and others, that can collectively be called heterodox economics. Because of the dominance of neoclassical economics, the existence of the alternative approaches is generally not known. This book is concerned with the community history of heterodox economics, seen primarily through the eyes of Marxian-radical economics and Post Keynesian economics. Throughout the 20th century neoclassical economists in conjunction with state and university power have attacked heterodox economists and tried to cleanse them from the academy. Professor Lee, his groundbreaking new title discusses issues including the contested landscape of American economics in the 1970s, the emergence and establishment of Post Keynesian economics in the US and the development of heterodox economics in Britain from 1970 to 1996.... journals Top 25 economic departments in the United States with PhD programs , 1959a€“2003 Ranking of heterodox economics journals derived from the ranking literature, 1972a€“2003 Rankings of United States economics PhD programs withanbsp;...

Title:A History of Heterodox Economics
Author:Frederic Lee
Publisher:Routledge - 2009-06-02


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