A History of Russian Philosophy 1830–1930

A History of Russian Philosophy 1830–1930

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The great age of Russian philosophy spans the century between 1830 and 1930 - from the famous Slavophile-Westernizer controversy of the 1830s and 1840s, through the 'Silver Age' of Russian culture at the beginning of the twentieth century, to the formation of a Russian 'philosophical emigration' in the wake of the Russian Revolution. This volume is a major history and interpretation of Russian philosophy in this period. Eighteen chapters (plus a substantial introduction and afterword) discuss Russian philosophy's main figures, schools and controversies, while simultaneously pursuing a common central theme: the development of a distinctive Russian tradition of philosophical humanism focused on the defence of human dignity. As this volume shows, the century-long debate over the meaning and grounds of human dignity, freedom and the just society involved thinkers of all backgrounds and positions, transcending easy classification as 'religious' or 'secular'. The debate still resonates strongly today.within by an instinctual, physical understanding of what was good for them, not by a soul that recognized good and evil by virtue of its connection to God. The debate ... In the nineteenth century, discoveries about the operation of the nervous system and brain gave materialists new confidence. Moleschott, Vogt, and B Iˆuchner used them to back up their slogan, a€œno force without matter.a€ Thoughts areanbsp;...

Title:A History of Russian Philosophy 1830–1930
Author:G. M. Hamburg, Randall A. Poole
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2010-04-22


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