A House of My Own

A House of My Own

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qA fairly comprehensive monograph, highly suitable for classroom use, that offers a wide range of information fit into traditional anthropological categories. . . . an interesting study of cultural integrity and pattern in a setting of what appears to be complex sociopolitical chaos.q a€”American Anthropologist qWhether or not one accepts Susan Lobo's optimistic analysis, her ability to translate the apparent chaos of shanty-town lives into such neat patterns and to help outsiders view life as the inhabitants do are important contributions.q a€”Inter-American Review of Bibliography qAn extremely competent ethnography, simple and straightforward.q a€”Anthropos qA pleasure to read, a mine of information which will be useful in teaching students to formulate their own hypotheses.q a€”International Journal of Urban a Regional Research qVery well written and provides a great wealth of the liveliest sort of ethnographic detail.q a€”Latin American Research Review qLobo's study of two squatter settlements in Lima provides a solid, well-written, detailed, traditional ethnography of poor families in a Third World urban setting.q a€”Hispanic American Historical Review qThis well-written account . . . has a lot of heart and feeling for the human face of the urban poor.q a€”International Migration Review... the front door as access to their empty lot where they camped for two weeks until building a temporary house of esteras. ... during the remodeling the residents quickly re-formed their electric cooperatives and reestablished electric service.

Title:A House of My Own
Author:Susan Lobo
Publisher:University of Arizona Press - 1982


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