A Joyful Noise

A Joyful Noise

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In A Joyful Noise, Deborah Weisgall tells a moving story of her turbulent coming-of-age in the shadow of two remarkable men who lived life as if they were characters in an opera. The daughter of a mercurial composer and the granddaughter of a legendary cantor, Deborah as a child longed to be entrusted with their precious music and carry it on herself. But it was impossible; she was a girl. A Joyful Noise recounts Deborah's search for a place within the family tradition and, finally, her triumphant discovery of a way to make the men who would exclude her -- who were also the men she loved -- listen to her voice. A Joyful Noise is a tender, heartbreaking, beautifully written chronicle of the power of memory, the survival of faith, and the pursuit of a grand musical heritage. qA superbly written chronicle encompassing the grand themes of the power of memory and the survival of faith.q -- The Jewish Transcript; qWeisgall has written a valuable book.q -- The New York Times Book Review; qThis is a lovely memoir of life in the acutely functional family of a fine and learned composer. Deborah Weisgall writes of a milieu of discourse immersed in and emerging from music, and in which love and knowledge are not at odds. . . . A Joyful Noise is that of her own particular music of remembering.q -- John Hollander; qAn absorbing memoir, with music in the background and foreground.q -- New York Jewish Week.I could not sing that, no matter howsnappythetune, no matter if it was only a song; I could not sing those words. ... my laughterandthe tense earwith which I listened to the conversation, imitating its cadences, searching for footholds. I walked thelast three blocks alone. I would have no trouble, my mother had assured me, I was grown up and very smart and seventh grade would ... The law, our history?

Title:A Joyful Noise
Author:Deborah Weisgall
Publisher:Grove/Atlantic, Inc. - 2007-12-01


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