A-level Physics

A-level Physics

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This extensively revised 4th edition of an established physics text offers coverage of the recent developments at A/AS-Level, with each topic explained in straightforward terms, starting at an appropriate Level (7/8) of the National CurriculumBy considering the potential difference across the bobbin and the meter, calculate the voltage which would produce ... as shown below: 4.7 kll 12V In the above circuit the batteries have negligible internal resistance and the voltmeter V has a ... to be accurately calibrated, is placed across the 1.8kQ resistor in the diagram above it reads 2.95V. When placed across ... A cell, a resistor and an ammeter of negligible resistance are connected in series and a current of 0.80 A is observed toanbsp;...

Title:A-level Physics
Author:Roger Muncaster
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 1993


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