A Manual for the Performance Library

A Manual for the Performance Library

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The performance librarian is the person responsible for managing, maintaining, and organizing the resources of a performance library. This personnel can now benefit from A Manual for the Performance Library, a guide for organizing and operating a library of music performance materials. Music for performance has different needs than music for study. It must be easy to read and understand, and it must be formatted so as not to impede the musician's efforts to interpret the notes into musical sound. This book outlines, step-by-step, the ways of acquiring, processing, cataloging, and preparing music for performance. While focusing primarily on music for large ensembles, like orchestra and chorus, author Russ Girsberger also includes concepts that apply to wind, jazz, and chamber ensembles. The material is logically organized, detailing information on purchasing or renting music; cataloging and processing scores; numbering, marking, binding and shelving parts; and preparing and distributing the music for rehearsal or performance. Additional duties, such as describing necessary information on preparing concert programs and audition lists, and caring for and preserving the library's holdings are also covered. The manual concludes with a glossary, an annotated bibliography, and an appendix, which features sample forms for cataloging and circulating the library's materials.A very handy pocket guide outlining the basic practices of music notation. A joint publication of ... A modern counterpart to the Ross manual (below), focusing on the computer software notation programs Finale and Sibelius. It has invaluableanbsp;...

Title:A Manual for the Performance Library
Author:Russ Girsberger
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2006-10-18


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