A Million Heavens

A Million Heavens

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In a hospital in a small New Mexico town, a father sits by the bed of his young son, who is in a coma. Outside, a group of locals gather to hold vigil for the boy, each drawn by their own reasons. Every member of the group has their own story. There's Dannie, a 33-year-old woman, desperate for children, and fighting to salvage her relationship with her 20-year-old boyfriend. Then there's Cecelia - a musician who is grieving for a man who never knew he was the love of her life. And then there's Mayor Carbrera - half-heartedly trying to keep the town afloat, and holding out hope that a religious cult will move in and become the answer to all his problems. Hugely acclaimed when published in the US, A Million Heavens is an extraordinary novel by one of the most promising young American authors.They say ita#39;s satisfying, but I have to disagree.a#39; Cecelia sensed she needed to make her escape. ... THE WOLF On his rounds, the moon high and shrunken above him, he encountered an injured bird. ... where plants were keptinpots and then a bunch of dumpsters that smelled like nothing, that smelledof steel and cardboard.

Title:A Million Heavens
Author:John Brandon
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-03-21


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