A Modern Introduction to Linear Algebra

A Modern Introduction to Linear Algebra

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Useful Concepts and Results at the Heart of Linear Algebra A one- or two-semester course for a wide variety of students at the sophomore/junior undergraduate level A Modern Introduction to Linear Algebra provides a rigorous yet accessible matrix-oriented introduction to the essential concepts of linear algebra. Concrete, easy-to-understand examples motivate the theory. The book first discusses vectors, Gaussian elimination, and reduced row echelon forms. It then offers a thorough introduction to matrix algebra, including defining the determinant naturally from the PA=LU factorization of a matrix. The author goes on to cover finite-dimensional real vector spaces, infinite-dimensional spaces, linear transformations, and complex vector spaces. The final chapter presents Hermitian and normal matrices as well as quadratic forms. Taking a computational, algebraic, and geometric approach to the subject, this book provides the foundation for later courses in higher mathematics. It also shows how linear algebra can be used in various areas of application. Although written in a qpencil and paperq manner, the text offers ample opportunities to enhance learning with calculators or computer usage. Solutions manual available for qualifying instructorsI provide proofs for virtually all results, leaving some others (or parts of others) as exercises. ... provided more details and more a#39;a#39;between the linesa#39;a#39; explanation than is customary in mathematical proofs, even in textbooks. ... There will be anInstructora#39;s Solutions Manual, containing worked-out solutions to all exercises.

Title:A Modern Introduction to Linear Algebra
Author:Henry Ricardo
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-10-21


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