A New Education for New Minds

A New Education for New Minds

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The education system provides a great way to peer into the potential of the human mind, but ita€™s come up short in unleashing it. Marquis R. Nave, who has taught English at the college level for 10 years, has discovered that studenta€™s minds are the center of education and that their ideas about their mental capabilities is crucial to developing a new education. Students who dona€™t believe in the creative power of their minds end up being trained to do work. Educators and educational institutions must help them activate their mental potential so they can create solutions for themselves and the world. In a series of essays, Nave examines the shortcomings of the education system, challenging the way we perceive and think about knowledge, education, and our own awareness. A second section helps students write effective, college-level essays. Whether youa€™re a student, an educator, or a supporter of educational reform, A New Education for New Minds will spark ideas that have long lingered in your own mind.and contains little to no originality. A thesis claim and essay are diametrically different from a thesis statement and report. I show students the difference between a statementandaclaim. A statement by definitionisa declaration of somethinganbsp;...

Title:A New Education for New Minds
Author:Marquis R. Nave
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-08-15


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