A Newbies Guide to Nook HD and HD+

A Newbies Guide to Nook HD and HD+

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Since jumping headfirst into the e-reader/tablet market with the original Nook in late 2009, Barnes and Noble has been on a nonstop quest to innovate and reimagine what an e-reader can be. What started as a pretty standard e-ink device grew into a full-fledged tablet within a year. The Nook Color became an early hit with the Android customization crowd. The Nook Tablet followed soon after, cementing the companya€™s reputation for quality and durability at a previously unheard of price point. In fact, the original Nook Tablet quietly became the number three device on the market, beaten only by the iPad and the heavily-marketed Kindle Fire. Enter: Nook HD. One of the last remaining bookstore chains in America, Barnes and Noble is using their network of stores and publishing relationships to gain their rightful share of tech-savvy consumers. The Nook HD and Nook HD+ are a great leap forward for the company. True tablets in every sense of the word, these devices can go toe to toe with the best offerings from Google or Apple, besting them in a lot of ways. Over the course of this guide wea€™ll show you how to get started using your new Nook HD or Nook HD+, taking you through nearly everything you can do with the device. While there are a few advanced concepts to learn about a€“ particularly for new computer and tablet users a€“ by the time you finish reading it youa€™ll have a better understanding of this amazing piece of technology, ready to make the Nook HD a big part of your world for years to come. Ready to start? Leta€™s go!Once there, click(or tap, if youa#39;re using the Nook HD to do this) the button on top labeled a#39;My Account.a#39; This will bring up the account page. Log in with your account detailsand then navigate tothe fourth section fromthe top. Itwillbelabeled Digitalanbsp;...

Title:A Newbies Guide to Nook HD and HD+
Author:Minute Help Guides
Publisher:Minute Help Press - 2013-10-11


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