A Newbies Guide to Word 2013 RT

A Newbies Guide to Word 2013 RT

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In the 22-odd years since the company unveiled their suite of productivity programs, Microsoft Office has become synonymous with serious computer work. Whether ita€™s a Fortune 500 conglomeratea€™s all-important spreadsheet or a homemakera€™s recipe catalog, MS Office has been the dominant force in productivity applications for a very long time. While Apple, Google and their ilk have certainly created a competitive atmosphere in recent years, nobody can touch the usability, customization, or sheer power of the Microsoft Office suite. Now, with the release of their first official tablet computer, Microsoft has upped the ante, optimizing and customizing Office for the touch screen powerhouse theya€™ve dubbed Windows RT. While a good chunk of the functionality that Office users have gotten used to over the years remains the same, there are a few new things to get acquainted with. This guide will take you through the basics of Microsoft Word, the most popular desktop publishing application ever released. Wea€™ll show you what you need to get started, everything from creating and saving your documents (with SkyDrive) to turning your finished documents into blog posts or sharing directly with friends and colleagues. Whether youa€™ve been using word processing applications for years, or youa€™re still clinging to your old Smith Corona typewriter, wea€™ll not only show you how to craft perfect documents, wea€™ll have fun doing it! At a glance, Word RT 2013 looks like an incredibly complex program. It can be, but it definitely doesna€™t have to be. This guide will teach you what you need to know to get to work right now, leaving the fluff and the head scratching for people with time to waste. Ready to get started? Leta€™s go!If youa#39;re already familiarwithMicrosoft Wordand/or the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) paradigm, feel free to skip this section ... More complicated layouts a€“ newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc., were nextto impossible to create for anyone ... toolsto cut and pastethe appropriate items into a readableformat.

Title:A Newbies Guide to Word 2013 RT
Author:Minute Help Guides
Publisher:Minute Help Press - 2013-10-11


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