A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Piano

A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Piano

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The hardest thing about learning jazz piano is which book to buy! There are many exercise books and the task can seem daunting. My book is completely different to every other book on jazz for the sole reason that you read it away from the piano rather than at it. From this book, you will learn how to become a Purposeful Pianist, how to play from the inside, develop your internal piano and understand some key jazz notions, most importantly, that of Note Value Awareness. Along with the almost 100 audio files recorded by and available from me (info in book), you will journey through jazz learning how to listen, not hear, learn chord progressions quickly and how to consider your own and listener's emotional centre. The next time you go to your piano, you will not play as you did before and you shall always play better than you ever did.In chord form, this is, from F major (where the lyric goes: You are all I. . .), the end of the first part: Dm . .long for, all I. . .), E major . .worship and. . .), Am (. . .adore. . ( to A major after 2 beats if desired), Dm . .in other words. . .), G7 (etc. . .), Em, Amanbsp;...

Title:A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Piano
Author:Daniel Bennett
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-04-19


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